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Address: 2408 Shelburne Falls Road, Hinesburg VT

How to wrap your items for drop-off

1 / Please wrap and label pruners separately from knives.

*** Pruner sharpening will be returned the following Friday***

Rinse off and dry pruners. Please no muddy dirty tools. Securely wrap pruners in newsprint or cardboard and tie in place with string, rubber bands, or tape.

2 / Labelling your bundle

On a piece of paper, legibly provide: 

- Name


-Email Address 

-phone number

-Total number of items

Venmo account name

Secure this label around the wrapped knives with rubber band, string or tape. 

3 / Bring to Red Wagon Plants
2408 Shelburne Falls Rd, Hinesburg, VT

*Important* Please email us before or after drop off. We'll be in contact regarding form of payment if you are not using Venmo.

Please give your knives to the wonderful staff behind the RWP checkout desk. Your sharpened knives will be ready for pick up Friday after 1 pm to 6 pm (RWP closing). 

Keep in mind that RWP is not responsible for keeping uncollected knives.  Please don't drop-off if you are going away and cannot pick up on the designated pick-up date. If you are unable to pick up your knives, please make arrangements for someone to do so or schedule home delivery service at an additional charge.

**Knives not collected one week after sharpening will be charged $25 per week.** 

at RWP
location only

$12 - $15

Blades sharpened only. Does not include cleaning, rust removal, and oiling. 


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