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Pop-up Knife Sharpening
1. Place your  knives in a towel, a box, newspaper. Please make sure tips are covered.
2. On a piece of paper, legibly write provide: 

- Name


-Email Address 

-phone number (I will text you the total if dropping off)

-Total number of items

-Include venmo handle if dropping off

Payment is required at check-in. 

Venmo, Cash or Check (MADE OUT TO: LINDA FURIYA) are accepted


Secure this label around the wrapped knives with rubber band, string or tape. 

Drop off and your knives will be ready in about an hour (shorter depending on the queue).

What is "Sharpen While You Shop"?
Drop off your knives at one of the locations, then go grocery shop (if you're at Healthy Living), look at plants (if you're at Red Wagon Plants), run errands, grab a cup coffee, take a nap, go for a run, the skies the limit! 

Your honed knives will be ready when you return.

How long is the wait?

Wait is dependent on how many knives you bring and if there is a queue ahead of you. Some people drop-off and come back a couple hours later. Serrated knives and scissors will require additional time as they are sharpened by hand.

How does the early knife drop-off work?

Please read the location sections for specific details.

Drop-off locations are Red Wagon Plants and Killeen Crossroads Farm. 

At the Red Wagon location, take your wrapped items to the checkout counter in the main building. Their friendly staff will take them from you. Knives will be ready after 1 pm Friday. Pruners, the following Friday.

At the Killeen Crossroads Farm location, place your wrapped knives (knives only accepted) in the white "milk box" with Madam Cutler logo before 10 am Tuesdays for pick-up that day between 3:30 - 5:30 pm. If you can't pick-up, please make sure you have made arrangements or contacted Linda. 

Madam Cutler and Co., Red Wagon Plants and Killeen Crossroads Farm are not responsible for uncollected items. 

What form of payment do you take?

Payment is required at check-in. 

Venmo, Cash or Check (to: Linda Furiya) are accepted


Do you sharpen hair stylist shears or pet grooming shears?

No. Refer to the Price List to see all the items I sharpen. 

Do you sharpen gardening tools, axes and the like?

I sharpen garden pruners, but not bigger items like axes and gardening shears. 

I can't make any of the locations and times, not even early drop-off, but my knives are in desperate need of sharpening. What can I do?

For an additional cost based on where you live, I offer same day contactless pick-up and delivery to your home. For certain, towns I will sharpen onsite at your home if you have 8 or more knives. Require an outdoor electrical outlet. Of course, season and weather dependent. Please email me if want more detail. 

I see you do knife sharpening at businesses. I have (a group of friends who love to cook/the neighborhood I live in) and we would love to get all our knives sharpened. How would this arrangement work?

If you'd like to host a knife sharpening session, I can provide everything from the copy with instructions to participants, group discounted pricing, etc. Host would coordinate the date and time and provide a space outdoors where I can plug in my grinder and set up my table. No set-up fee, but I do ask for a signup and approximate number of items per person


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