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Knife Sharpening



Healthy Living Market (S. Burlington) 

Winter Hours: Saturdays 11 am - 1 pm


January 28th, 2023

February 4th (if temperatures are in the teens)

How does it work?

Bring your clean knives to Healthy Living Market. 

Madam Cutler and Co. is stationed at the store entrance. 

For your safety, please transport knives securely in a dishtowel or wrapped in paper

We will take down your name, phone number (in case there is an issue with your knives), email address (if interested in seasonal hours, occasional promos and location info) and total number of knives.


Payment is required at drop-off. 

Prefer Cash or Check (to: Linda Furiya) 

Venmo accepted



While your knives are sharpened, grocery shop, run errands, grab a cup coffee, scroll through your phone or just sit and stare (my favorite thing to do). 


Your honed knives will be ready after your allotted time.


How long is the wait?

First Come, First Serve​​.

Wait is dependent on how many knives you bring and if there is a queue ahead of you. Those with serrated knives and scissors will require a little more time as they are sharpened by hand. 

***Madam Cutler and Co. will not be at the market if road conditions are snowy and icy and extreme cold. We will do our best to inform you ahead of time when we will not be sharpening. Those days will be posted here and on Madam Cutler and Co.'s IG and FB social media accounts.  


I'll assess the condition of the blade. And machine sharpen using various coarse to fine grit belts. Lastly, the blade is polished with a leather strop. 

Chef's Knife 8"+


Carving Knife 



Boning knife, utility knife, etc. under 8"


Paring Knives



Bread Knives (hand sharpened)



Micro-serrated knives (requires sharpening by hand)

Over 8" - $18

Between 4" - 8" - $15

4" - $10




Steak Knives

$6 each

Micro-serrated Steak Knives 

$8 each

Sewing Shears and Kitchen Shears (blades sharpened, not repaired or cleaned)


Wrap and Roll
Knife Bundle

For your safety and mine, please roll your knifes in a bundle before transporting them. You can use newsprint or dishtowel and secure with rubber bands, string or tape. Please ensure that the blade edge and ends are covered. 

2Z0A0575 2.jpeg



Thanks for submitting!

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