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Madam Cutler & Co.

Linda Furiya (aka Madam Cutler) is a writer and craftswoman. Born and raised in rural Indiana, she has lived in Vermont since 2005.


Her appreciation of knives began as a child watching her mother slice and dice with an artisan made carbon steel Japanese vegetable knife. As a young adult and avid cook, her father taught her to sharpen using  a whetstone.

A former food columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle, a published food memoirist  and cooking instructor, her knowledge and appreciation of knives grew in pace with her love of food and writing. Following a bladesmithing class,  a brand new passion was born. But, it wasn't until recently that Linda noticed a need for knife sharpening services for home chefs in the area. 

Whether it's a carbon steel heirloom  blade (her favorite), expensive and fragile Japanese knives, artisan forged blades,  or "cheapo" knives, every blade is worthy of a new edge. Let Linda bring new life to your dull knives. 



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